Interview with the Institut National de l'Audiovisuel (INA)

I. Transfer and Cleaning of Tapes


PACKED: What types of tape do you deal with at the INA?


Interview with Ramon Coelho (NIMk)

Since it was founded in 1978, the NIMk, in addition to holding exhibitions, has accumulated a sizeable collection of video and media art to which new works are constantly being added. The institute also produces, distributes and presents works of media art.


Interview with Jean Herben (ISET)

PACKED: What is your educational background, and how did you get into video?


Interview with Manon de Boer

Her film series Robert, June 1996 - September 2007 (1996-2007) and Laurien, June 1996 - September 2001 – October 2007 (1996-2007) are intimate Super-8 portraits of friends. With intervals of several years, she filmed them each in the same position and within the same image frame.


Interview with Sarah Tucker (Dia)

Dia's first major projects, undertaken in the late 1970s, were site-specific works by artists such as Walter De Maria and Max Neuhaus, which were unlikely to be accommodated by conventional museums because of their nature or scale. Today, Dia owns a large and important collection of pop art, minimal art, conceptual art and land art that has been exhibited at the Dia:Beacon museum in the Hudson Valley north of New York City since 2003. Dia also organizes temporary exhibitions, lectures and discussions about contemporary art.


Interview with David Claerbout

The passing of time is a dominant theme in his work, and he employs various methods to give shape to the duration of time. In early works such as Ruurlo, Borculoscheweg, 1910 (1997), he introduced moving elements and therefore also inseparable time into old photos with the aid of video technology. While these early works were very simple video installations, in 2000 he also began working with interactive technologies.



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