Tate Paper: Sustaining Consistent Video Presentation

A paper on sustaining consistent video presentation written by Dave Rice and commissioned by Tate has been published online on the Tate website.

This technical paper addresses approaches to identifying and mitigating risks associated with sustaining the consistent presentation of digital video files. Originating from two multi-partnered research projects – Pericles and Presto4U – the paper was commissioned by Tate Research and is intended for those who are actively engaged with the preservation of digital video.


Presenting digital video consistently is dependent on the design, coordination and quality of all aspects of both the video file and the video player. Specific factors such as what features of a codec are supported by the decoder, and how one colour space is converted to another affect how videos are presented. Media players are of course developed over time – new features are added and bugs are resolved – but while such changes may improve the quality of a player they also create scenarios where a digital media file may play differently in a new version of a player compared to an older one. As a result, the ever-evolving state of media playback technology creates challenges or technical complications for audio-visual conservators who are tasked with ensuring that digital video is presented consistently and as originally intended.


To read the full article use this link: http://www.tate.org.uk/research/publications/sustaining-consistent-video...




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