FIAT/IFTA Media Management Seminar 2013. Changing Sceneries, Changing Roles (Part VI)

METADATA as the Cornerstone of Digital Archiving

All audiovisual archives have entered a new, exciting era. Digitization of their legacy collections along with daily ingests of digital born materials, is changing the nature of their contents and the way these contents must be handled. Tangible collections become intangible, while all of the archives’ films, audiotapes and video materials turn into huge piles of digital files: anonymous, invisible assets that can only be retrieved, managed and preserved with the help of something called ‘metadata’.

In the domain of digital archives and digital archiving the concept of metadata is crucial. It’s only with the help of metadata that archives can make their treasures accessible to their users and customers, be it manually or increasingly – automatically. Metadata is capable of linking the contents of many different archives, forming a huge worldwide network of online sound and images. Ingesting, managing and preserving the rapidly growing amount of digital files in each individual archive, would be sheer impossible without the controlling power of standardized metadata. More than ever, more than before, metadata is key. In all its aspects, metadata is the true cornerstone of the building called a digital archive, to be used in many innovative and exciting ways.

It is for this that the Media Management Commission of FIAT-IFTA dedicates it’s 6th Seminar in the serial “Changing Sceneries, Changing Roles” entirely to the phenomenon of metadata and it’s new significance to access, collection management and preservation of AV-collections. Four esteemed keynote speakers will explore these areas in visionary ways, while a series of archive-practitioners from prestigious broadcasters and institutions will present employment of metadata in new digital ways. Every session is evaluated by way of discussions between a variety of AV-experts, focusing on the professional impact of the presented views and developments.

In short : another international seminar of the MMC of FIAT-IFTA that is highly worth attending, presenting an actual, pertinent theme from both practical and reflective angles. We heartily invite AV-archivists and documentalists, IT and preservation staff, projectworkers and R & D collegues as well as archive management, to take part and join us on the 16th and 17th of May 2013 in the beautiful venue of the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision (Beeld en Geluid).

Hoping to welcome you in Hilversum!

On behalf of MMC /FIAT-IFTA, Seminar Programme Commission,
Wendy Bekkers
Elena Brodie Kusa
Brecht Declerq
Xavier Jacques-Jourion
Annemieke de Jong
EvaLis Green
Jacqui Gupta
Vicky Plaine
Ingrid Veenstra

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